Men tend to do less cooking and shopping than women, and they rely more on restaurants, convenience food and other people to stay fed. It's not that they're better shoppers. I can't find anything online about who impulse-buys more, males or females. My observations suggest it is men who buy outside the list more often. » 10/12/08 7:24pm 10/12/08 7:24pm

This looks like a good thread to warn you that Car Talk website's Mechanics Files [] is not a reliable website to find a good mechanic. There is much astroturfing, and I learned that if you submit a bad review of a mechanic, it gets deleted. If you write the sysop and ask why the review was deleted,… » 6/12/08 2:58pm 6/12/08 2:58pm

In 1991 I had a friend who worked at IM's call center in Sandy Eggo. They would get a lot of calls from guys wanting phone sex. Usually it would start with a customer asking my friend what he looked like. He would tell them he was 5'7" and 320 lbs. One guy said, "That's great—I'm really into blubber." He didn't… » 4/15/08 5:26pm 4/15/08 5:26pm

This is nothing but subtle blame-the-victim pop psych. I rarely hear people whine just so they can hear the sound of their voice. If they whine, it is because they are being attacked, or they are encountering circumstances/ obstacles that they do not have the resources to deal with effectively. Not because they… » 4/10/08 3:40pm 4/10/08 3:40pm

@Brentis: I got a copy of 64-bit Vista by calling Microsoft's Anytime Upgrade phone number and asking for a disc. It cost, I think, $6 or $7 (shipping, they say). Sorry I don't remember the phone number, but it's gotta be on the webs somewhere. You can install the same version of Vista as the one you currently own,… » 3/22/08 1:37am 3/22/08 1:37am